Touchless Machines / Motor Cars

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  • A car takes 1-2 minutes to wash, which equates to 30 to 50 vehicles per hour at a cost of approximately $1.00 per vehicle.

  • Any shape, any size. The machine is purposely designed for your needs.

  • The vehicle automatically washed 270 degrees i.e. Top and Sides, optional extra 360 degrees which would include and undercarriage wash.

  • All water is recycled and filtered to 100 microns. The filtration unit is self cleaning and requires no labour

  • A liquid wax can be added at the rinse stage thus protecting the paint work against harmful UV-rays

  • The vehicle wash machine is a continuous process resulting in a vehicle entering the machine every three to four minutes.

  • No bristles to damage the paint work, mirrors or protrusions. We use a combination of water pressure and chemicals.

  • The chemicals used are biodegradable and environment friendly

  • The machine is purposely designed, any shape any size

Vehicle Washing Systems

The Kwik Car Wash system uses magnetic loop technology to activate the pumps and sprays. It does not rely on infrared beams, limit switches, photocells etc.

Pre-soak and detergent dispenser

The use of the correct detergent in each industry is important to ensure that the vehicle is properly prepared for cleaning, with the dirt being held in suspension, waiting for the wash cycle. Each machine is designed to allow for the proper dilution and dwell times for any detergent. The system is designed to spray the soap solution on the sides and top and where requested the undercarriage as well as giving a 360 degrees wash.

The soap solution is dispensed as the vehicle passes through the first stainless steel arch, spraying the top and undercarriage (where requested).

Voluminous pressure washing

This is the strength of the touchless washing. Through years of research we have been able to determine the impact force and angles required in order to clean a vehicle with its first pass through the machine.

We are able to identify exactly the most important areas for washing. When designing the undercarriage wash, areas behind the axles, differentials and silencers are target specifically. These areas are cleaned each time the vehicle goes through the wash.

A Kwik Car Wash touchless machine is the only machine in South Africa capable of working in the way it is required without under-going any major design changes.

The high pressure wash station consists of two stainless steel arches and an undercarriage wash diffuser (if ordered) providing a 360-degree wash. Washing the top, sides and undercarriage.


All models are fitted with this feature. When the vehicle passes through the rinse arch, clean fresh water is gently sprayed on the vehicle. This washes away the water used to clean the vehicle, together with any residual dirt held by that water. A drying agent and a liquid wax could be added at this point to enhance the finished product and protect the paint work from harmful UV-rays

Pump Module

The standard pump module consists of a multi-stage high pressure pump. The electric console incorporates a soft starter to protect the main pump.  Single phase chemical dosing pumps, isolating and regulating valves, water purifying and storage system, solenoid valves, electric control console are all mounted on a heavy duty mild steel frame which is epoxy coated.

The module is assembled and tested in our works before being transported to site as a unit.

The electric console incorporates one or two soft starters for the main pumps, single and three-phase motor protection equipment. Magnetic loop detector units, mains on/off switch, safety interlocks and emergency stop buttons.

The Touchless Machine is designed and munufactured in South Africa.

Reclaim system

Water from the wash bay should feed into a sump, the size of which is determined by the size and number of vehicles to be washed. The sump is not included in our reclaim system and is part of the civil costs

The reclaim system consists of a ORIVAL filter with automatic cleaning facility, 10,000 lt. heavy duty plastic storage tanks, pipe work, control equipment, a foot valve and a pump.

Optional Extras:
  • Blower Unit
  • Conveyor
  • Tyre guides
  • Smart card reader
  • Undercarage wash
  • Wheel arch wash
  • Traffic lights